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Resid-our core values

Our Corporate Core Values:


We observe ethical practices and principles based on the Realtor's Code of Ethics

both in our business transactions and as part of a community that respects diversity and talent. 


We keep our clients for life. After the transaction is closed, our clients are our best ambassadors to divulge our work and our expertise to others.  


We work by referral and we believe in client retention rates, because we build relationships with our clients.


We are consistently learning, obtaining up to date information and we get key support in the evolving landscape of our industry.


Our clients are our priority. We become their teammates who strive to resolve and anticipate client’s needs. We want to maximize your gains, minimize risk and meet short and long terms goals.


We believe in technological advances, using all technology to get up to date information on economic indicators, market trends, the changing of real estate curves. We need information and technology to develop insightful recommendations and solutions for our clients.


We are committed to providing our clients with unsurpassed, quality work and maintaining our high standards. 

Global Vision, Local Expertise


We strongly believe in globalization, connectivity and technology hence we offer our international clients world-class services in any real estate related transaction.


Based in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, Hestia Realtors offers commercial real estate representation to international corporations and foreign investors looking to relocate or expand their business in the United States.  Coupled with vast knowledge of local market trends, we offer solutions to international property developers, property trusts, retailers and private investors and owners, breaking language barriers and offering a respectful culture-oriented service.

We provide our international clients with state of the art tools and resources and a comprehensive proprietary database of active local investors to work seamlessly across borders and business lines and to provide the level of local attention necessary for investment and relationship success.  We are in close contact with key local professionals in their field of expertise that will offer you in-depth advice in tax law, property management, financing options, legal matters, construction and re-development..

resid-global vision

IRS Section §1031 (a.k.a 1031 Exchange)

A property structured 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell a property, to reinvest the proceeds in a new property and to defer all capital gain taxes. 

§1031 is beneficial for real estate investors looking for potential increse of cash flow, wealth and asset accumulation, deferral of capital gains tax.  

Hestia Realtors works regularly with property that qualifies for §1031, and we work in close contact with Qualified Intermediary and Certified Exchange Specialists, who understand all aspects of the exchange and contract process, and they will assist our clients to accomplish a deferred exchange of investment real estate.

Hence, this is a brief and general description of certain §1031 facts.  Prospective investors should consult with their own tax advisors regarding an investment in the interests.

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

It is an alternative to Standard 1031 Exchange.  The DST also allows cash investors (non-1031) the option to complete a 1031 tax deferred exchange when the current property is sold. 

In both instances If you are in an exchange, or considering doing one, Hestia Realtors will assist you with the process.

resid-1031 exchange
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