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The Rebate Program offers financial rewards to all our clients when selling or purchasing residential real estate properties in Washington DC, Maryland and/or Virginia.

Eligibility is available to:

Staff Members of all International Organizations Worldwide

Staff Members of the Diplomatic Mission and Embassies

Ridges of Alexandria Subdivision

Former Hestia Realtors' loyal clients.

In addition, in order to qualify for the Rebate Program, the following are the minimum Requirements:


  • You must enroll first

  • Agree to work with Hestia Realtors as your Broker, who will exclusively represent you throughout the transaction

  • Rebate Benefits apply at settlement only, therefore you must go to settlement with Hestia Realtors as your exclusive Broker.

  • If Lender does not permit this rebate, in whole or in part, the right to any unpermitted portion (including the entire rebate) shall lapse and Broker shall be discharged from all obligations to pay the rebate.

  • ​You are not participating in any other cash back program offered by any other provider.

  • Your employer is not providing reimbursements for any real estate services involved with any related Employee  Relocation Program.

  • You are not under a written/binding client-relationship with another Real Estate Brokerage firm prior to enrollment.

  • Rebates on New Construction may apply differently, contact us to verify.

  • Clients are advised to discuss this rebate with lender in advance of closing and tax advisor for possible tax obligations.

  • This Program may not be available in your State. Click here: Non-Rebate States to learn about state laws or regulations -

Contact us to confirm eligibility and to find out more on how to offer you all the benefits of the Rebate Program and potential savings.

Who is eligible


Your Cash Rebate shall be calculated based on the following equation:

(SP) x (BSC%) x 20% = Cash Rebate



(SP)     Sales price of the property

(BSC)  The commission percentage when Buying or Selling

20%    Percentage cash back offered by the Rebate Program

Rebates are subject to written approval from Lender and Seller.

Rebates may not be used as part of a downpayment cost.

Consult your lender for further information.

This calculation if provided for informational purposes only and it is subject to changes.

Confirm here elegibility and requirements to apply for the Cash Back Rebate Program

Enroll Now Form


Thank You for the opportunity to enroll you in  our Rebate Program.  The information below will assist us to initiate proper enrollment.  Please take a moment to complete the information below and we will contact you to address further needs and concerns. Rest assure that the information provided is fully confidential and will not be shared.


Thanks, you will be contacted shortly


Most questions can be promptly answered. Please email-us or call us directly at 703-898-1810.


Following are few of the most common questions we receive from our loyal clients.


  1. I am working currently with another Realtor, am I eligible?  No - because in order to qualify for the cash rebate program you must enroll in our program and work with one of our highly professional Real Estate Agents affiliated with Hestia Realtors.

  2. Can a family member take advantage of the Rebate program:  Yes - the rebate program is extended to family members.

  3. Is this Rebate available nationwide? Yes, we can refer you to an out-of-state or an overseas' Broker to work with you, however some benefits or cash back may vary. Also,  Rebates in somestate may not be allowed.  Click here to find out.

  4. I currently do not work for an International Organization, may I still qualified for the Rebate program?  Yes, contact us to discuss your particular needs.  We strive to provide you with the highest standards of service, and we will work with you. 

  5. Is this Rebate program available only when selling or buying a principal residence? No, you can qualify for the Rebate Program on Investment Properties and Commercial Real Estate sales or purchases.

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